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Welcome to Estate Planners of New England, LLC

We strive to provide high quality, knowledgeable and personalized advice in areas of financial planning and investment management. From growing your wealth to planning for and protecting your family’s future, Estate Planners of New England, LLC is striving to become New England’s preeminent investment advisor.

We take great pride in providing truly independent unbiased advice and solutions for our client's needs and goals. Here at Estate Planners of New England as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we have a fiduciary duty to our clients. This is a fundamental obligation to provide suitable advice and to always act in our client's best interest.

Financial Guidance

We Offer Personalized Plans to Meet Your Needs.

The first step towards achieving your financial goals for the future is to define and document them. We provide our clients with a personalized plan, as well as the process to implement it and track it. Our clients think of us as a resource to assist them in making smart financial decisions. We often will coordinate with other members of our client's team, such as attorneys or accountants, to ensure that all viable options have been considered and the best possible choices can be made.

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Our Services


Growing your wealth requires patience and foresight. With our time-tested investment strategies, we will help you build long-term profitability through short-term planning.


Financial Planning

We offer financial planning services such as: estate planning, investment strategy, insurance, investment strategy, retirement planning, tax strategies and money management.

Insurance Services

A good defense is the best offense. Let Estate Planners of New England surround you and your family with leading insurance policies.


FAS’s pioneering Macro-Micro Portfolio Architecture™️ enables you to deliver a fiduciary standard to your clients. The architecture is strategic in its allocations across asset classes – to protect against the unknowable macro risks – and dynamic at the micro level – to exploit the knowable micro opportunities.

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