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EPNE offers 2nd Opinion option

EPNE offers 2nd Opinion option

September 08, 2017

Estate Planners of New England is excited to add an additional service that our existing clients may share with those that they feel will benefit from our services.  

Introducing the Second Opinion Service By Estate Planners of New England

Too often when we speak with families’ that are not our clients about their financial management we are finding that they are very unsure of what to do now.

We represent a select group of families, for whom we believe we can have a major beneficial impact. We enter into only a handful of new relationships per year, all via personal introductions from our existing clients or families that we have known over a long period of time. We want to offer you a service that we provide to referrals we receive from our best clients, friends and families. We call it our second-opinion service.

Why are we doing this now? We believe a market correction is not an IF but rather a when and how dramatic a decline. We have never seen so much money in motion; so many people with the misconception that their passive investments will weather market volatility and so many people wanting someone to provide an evaluation of their investments and their wealth management strategies already in place.

To help the people you care about make informed decisions, we now offer our second-opinion service. We'll take them through the same discovery and analysis process to help them get very clear on where they are now and where they'd like to go. We'll examine any of the gaps that need to be filled. It never hurts to know more about your current situation.


 1) We find out that they are in good shape and advise them to stay where they are, or,

2) We find out that they could better their situation. If we are not a fit for their particular situation, we'll be happy to point them in the right direction to a financial advisor who can work with them more effectively, or,

3) We find gaps in their current plan and feel we could provide a significant advantage in helping them reach their goals.

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