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Raymond Panek

Raymond Panek

VP, Financial Advisor

Ray began his career in 1992 with one the most prestigious and respected investment companies in the world. Over the years his risk management approach was developed to include hedging volatility in the stock market and addressing the various risks of the bond markets. Both of his parents were born at the start of the Great Depression, living their first 12 years in a time of severe economic hardships. His parents’ stories about the Great Depression influence how he views the impact of economic changes that can occur without warning. (They both happily received their COVID-19 vaccinations too.)

Ray’s experience guides his clients with prudent investment allocations, providing peace of mind and sound investments. The results have been fulfilling for Ray and his client community, especially during the most turbulent recessions. Ray has always been customer focused, providing superb service and dedication to his clients long-term success towards their goals. Ray’s unique skills of listening closely to details, fears, aspirations and objectives has set him apart from other financial advisors and has been a catalyst to grow his practice through client referrals.

In the summer of 2019 he joined the team at Estate Planners of New England, so that he could offer true independent fiduciary guidance to his clients. On a personal note, Ray has two middle school children who are his favorite investments. He constantly gives them outdoor opportunities to learn and grow during all four seasons. He has a deep passion for Sculling, Volleyball, snow sports, and endurance activities and he’s completed 4 Ironman triathlons and 30 marathons.  

Currently, Ray is still “giving back” with his involvement in non-profit youth programs, whenever time allows. He is a dedicated Board member to Seacoast Velokids, and is lead coach for both Rye Junior High XC Running and Volleyball. He inspires good sportsmanship, and his insight to an array of athletic activities is always making outdoors engaging for kids and families around our community. His passion is to make a difference in the lives of the people he cares about; and that includes his family, clients and neighbors of the seacoast.